Partner Schools

LearnTech Labs licenses coding curriculum to Coding Bootcamps throughout the world. We partner with schools that share our values of excellence, integrity and inclusiveness to bring Silicon Valley style Coding Bootcamps to their area.

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Port Academy, Oakland

Port Academy is a career-driven programming school in uptown Oakland that focuses on delivering modern coding education mixed with Computer Science. Port has partnered with LearnTech to license both our WebDev and CS bootcamp curriculum as well as a variety of our mini-bootcamp courses.

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Coder Factory, Sydney

Coder Factory was established in 2013 as a place where anyone can learn the basics of coding and web. Coder Factory Academy is a 6 month Coding Bootcamp that covers both Ruby on Rails and Full Stack Javascript, licensing LearnTech’s Web Dev curriculum to teach the JavaScript component. Coder Factory Academy is Sydney’s first comprehensive coding bootcamp and one of the only accredited Bootcamps in the world.

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