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Starting a Coding Bootcamp? Check out our Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp curriculum that focuses on the MEAN Stack (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node).

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About LearnTech Labs

We license our Coding Bootcamp curriculum worldwide to make Silicon Valley knowledge and training accessible everywhere. LearnTech courses place an emphasis on project-based curriculum that is designed to prepare students for a job in programming.

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When you license our curriculum you get all the course materials needed to run your own Bootcamp program effectively and receive setup assistance as well as twice yearly curriculum refreshes. Think coding bootcamp in a box.

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LearnTech Courses

The most casual and accessible of our courses are the Mini-Bootcamps, which are intended to be run as night and weekend programs. Our two core programs are a Computer Science Bootcamp and a Web Development Bootcamp, both of which are built for full time, 3-4 month long Bootcamps. These two Bootcamps combine to form the comprehensive Academy Program, which is 8 months long.

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