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3D printing is revolutionizing the current industry and manufacturing in fields such as health, where its potential application explores still unknown limits. There is still a long way to go in additive manufacturing in Spain, but little by little, entrepreneurial projects that are opening a new era are bursting onto the market.

The startup Moso 3D is one of the names of the moment. The Aragonese startup saw the light during the pandemic of the hand of a group of engineers in the additive manufacturing sector and lovers of 3D printing.

Aware of the barriers to the use of this technology, they laid the foundations to develop a versatile, reliable and easy-to-use 3D printer, capable of making 3D printing accessible to any type of company.

It is not easy to 'evangelize' about the use of 3D printing in Spain and, although covid accelerated the implementation of the digital transformation, the Moso 3D team had to battle from minute one with companies to make them understand the multiple benefits and possibilities offered by a technology like theirs.

Thus, a multidisciplinary team was assembled to meet the needs of the different departments of a company and an industrial partner was sought to support the economic and productive part. Everything was ready for the 'birth' of the company.

Without it being a joke of destiny, on December 28, 2020, Moso 3D was officially established, "with the illusion of creating a company that would become a benchmark in innovation, sustainability and social commitment," Marta Burillo, CEO of the startup, explains to D+I.

Two years have already passed since then, and Moso 3D has just launched its 3D printer, which allows the medical sector to generate biomodels for teaching and surgical practice with different textures and colors, as well as prostheses with materials resistant to sterilization.

In addition, it has just been distinguished with the EmprendedoresXXI Award in Aragón, an endorsement of its technology that has also garnered in the short term other awards such as the good reception it received at the Formnext international fair in Germany.

From now on, Moso 3D is already looking not only to our country but also to Germany and France, where it plans to extend its products in the future.

But what is the differential value of its 3D printing? Unlike common printers that use one or two heads to print with different materials, its heads are interchangeable and specific for each type of material.

In addition, it offers up to four heads that enable multi-material printing, obtaining parts with mixtures of up to four different materials in a single print. "We have made sure that operation is easy, automating the use of the machine and creating an intuitive interface," the CEO qualifies.

Its implementation in industry allows substantial cost savings "since, in a single operation, complex parts with several materials are obtained."

"To this we add that, as the extruders are designed specifically for each material, it is much easier to print the materials and increases the final quality of the part.  This was not feasible with the technologies available until now," adds Marta Burillo.

Versatility: the differential value

Their technological proposal is their greatest success and, hand in hand with customers, they are discovering new applications that "we had not even imagined".

Its potential in the medical sector is one of the most important. Its 3D printer makes it possible to generate biomodels for teaching or surgical practice with different textures and colors, or prostheses with materials resistant to sterilization.

"It makes it possible to manufacture parts that mix flexible and rigid materials, made in one go without the need for joints. It can be used in the medical, industrial and consumer products sectors; versatility is the characteristic that our customers highlight the most," says the CEO.

And all this technology is 'made in Aragon'. "This 3D printer is a 100% Aragonese product; from know-how to production, everything is developed and manufactured in Aragon", a circumstance that has an impact, as we have been maintaining in D+I, on the great talent that Spain possesses and that is changing the economic model through technology.

Next stop: artificial intelligence

The market launch is currently leading to an expansion of the team. Marta Burillo leads a team made up of a project manager who is also in charge of the mechanics, an electronics engineer, another engineer dedicated entirely to software, a marketing manager and an industrial partner who is in charge of the entire manufacturing process and provides us with its facilities.

2023 is presented as a key year for the Aragonese company to take off. "We have needed two years to develop, and during 2022 we had several units in tests in companies in our environment to get feedback and get a product already tested".

"This 2023 we have gone to the Spanish market, and we hope to reach France and Germany, main consumers of this technology at European level, in the coming months," stresses the CEO. And he warns: "And we are already working to incorporate the full potential of artificial intelligence". Moso 3D's journey has only just begun.

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