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In the industrial sector, packaging of products is a very important process. Whether storing, loading or transporting, the use of packaging ensures safety and better protection. There are different types of packaging available.

But depending on the product or commodity, the choice of industrial packaging can be different. Therefore, there are some important criteria to consider.

What is industrial packaging?
After product manufacturing, packaging is the second most important task. Packaging reflects the image and quality of the services a company offers its customers. But the importance of packaging goes far beyond marketing.
It combines several technological operations: storage, protection, preservation and transport.
The main objective is to ensure that the product reaches the final consumer in good condition. However, some types of packaging can have a negative impact on the environment because of the materials used in their manufacture.
Industrial packaging can be divided into four categories
Primary packaging
Describes the product and is used to package the product itself and protect it. It can be a can, can, bottle or bag. It is usually made of cardboard, plastic or aluminium.
Secondary packaging
A combination of several primary packaging elements. It is designed to facilitate the transport and subsequent consumption of the packaged product. Crates or industrial packaging film are used as secondary packaging. It can also be in the form of cardboard or bags.
Wooden crates are the most popular. They are strong and designed for all types of transportation. They can protect fragile products without losing weight, are environmentally friendly and reusable.
Tertiary packaging
Specially designed for the loading, storage and transport of large quantities of products. Several batches of products packed in secondary packaging are packed in such packaging. They are plastic or wooden containers and pallets. They are strong and can handle large and bulky products.
Transport packaging
This is used to process and protect goods until they reach their destination. It includes bubble wrap, kraft paper and corrugated cardboard. They are cost-effective and highly impact-resistant.
How do you choose reliable industrial packaging?
The primary role of industrial packaging is to ensure product safety. But not all types of packaging serve the same function. In order to select the right packaging, the following criteria should be taken into 

  • Account

  • product 

  • type

  • size

  • weight

  • fragility, etc.

For food products, choose packaging that does not pose a risk to the health of consumers: trays, boxes, bubble wrap or industrial film.
Plastic or paper bags can be used to pack clothes. Bubble wrap - for wrapping and securing fragile items and appliances. Wooden or paper boxes for breakable items (e.g. bottles or glasses).
That's all you need to know about industrial packaging and its use! Be sure to check the quality of the packaging to make sure your products are packed perfectly!

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